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A book is a team effort and never more so than with this edition of The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures.
Since the first edition was published in 1984, the range of procedures within the manual has grown in complexity, and the depth of the theoretical content underpinning them has increased considerably. Authors have, therefore, had to keep up‐to‐date with the ever‐changing research evidence and write new, as well as update existing, material. This continues to be a collaborative task carried out by knowledgeable, expert nurses in partnership with members of the multidisciplinary team including pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, speech therapists, radiographers, anaesthetists, operating department practitioners and psychological care.
So, we must thank every member of the ‘team' who has helped to produce this edition, for their time, effort and perseverance. An additional challenge has been to co‐ordinate the increased number of contributors to each chapter. This responsibility has fallen to the lead chapter authors, so, for this, they deserve a special acknowledgement and thanks for their ability to integrate all the contributions and create comprehensive chapters.
We especially appreciate the work done by Anne Tibbles, Senior Lecturer Nursing and the nursing students at Kingston University who reviewed all of the procedures used by students and gave us invaluable feedback on how they work in practice. We would also like to thank some other key people: Dale Russell and the library team of the David Adams Library at The Royal Marsden School of Cancer Nursing and Rehabilitation for their help and support in providing the references required by the authors and setting up the Endnote system; Stephen Millward and the medical photography team for all the new photographs; our families and friends who continue to encourage us, especially during the last two years – the time it takes to edit the manual; and, finally, our thanks go to Martin Davies, Magenta Styles and Helen Harvey at Wiley‐Blackwell for their advice and support in all aspects of the publishing process.
Lisa Dougherty
Sara Lister